Hormone Therapy

Are you Draggin’, Saggin’, and Naggin’? Hormones driving you crazy?
Written by Robert Jones

Hormonal imbalances can make life miserable for your loved ones as well as you. The question is: how do you know if it’s your hormones that are to blame?post1

See if any of this rings true for you:

You’re tired. You’re worn-out. And it’s all the time! You often have to force yourself to keep going. Even if you’re lucky enough to sleep in, you still feel like you need a nap in the afternoon. Fatigue has become part of your life and it’s been this way for so long it’s hard to remember what it was like to have energy. Exercise doesn’t help—that just makes you even more exhausted. So you reach for that energy drink or become a closet sugar junkie, snacking constantly to try and boost your energy level. You’re spending far more time in bed and less time living.

You feel old – way beyond your years. Your skin is not aging well. It’s starting to sag and it looks like leather—that thin leather, like you see on snake skin shoes. You hold your arms out and wince to see your triceps wave in the wind. Kids like to jiggle them. You’ve lost muscle tone all over your body. Plus, while mourning the fact that your breasts have moved further south, you seem to be developing a nice new set under your eyes. Everywhere you look the body is sagging, waving a white flag at you’re new worst enemy: gravity. You’re birthday suit is on the aging fast track.

I know. You make this frequent transformation each month into the Wicked Witch of the West the week before your period. You used to be able to call it PMS and if was fairly predictable and only lasted a few days. Now you are irritable far more often and feel anxious and tense. “This is not me,” you think to yourself, “or is it? What have I become?” Moments of depression have crept in and are getting longer. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months. Night after night you find yourself staring at the ceiling and can’t turn your mind off. You know you need sleep, but it won’t come. You don’t want sex. You feel like you only have one nerve left and everyone is on it. It’s not personal. You’re an equal opportunity witch. But the real pain comes when you do it to those you love most.

If this is the case, it may be that your hormones are indeed driving you crazy. All of the above problems can be directly related to imbalanced hormone levels. Hormones? Can it be that simple? It often is. Those little chemical messengers that travel throughout your body giving orders and directing the show. When messages get messed up or not delivered at all, the show falls apart. And that show is you. It’s your life. And it takes a huge toll.

The good news is that all of this can be treated. The natural hormones that your body has fallen short on producing can be restored. It’s quite astonishing how many health problems are caused by hormone levels out of optimal range. And it’s equally as impressive how quickly you can restore your body to vitality with the right hormone therapy. In just weeks people begin looking better, feeling better, and living better—free of the symptoms that used to haunt them. You can, too.

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