Feel Like yourself Again
Having a healthy balance of hormones is critical to a fulfilling life—and this is our specialty. Our wellness rogram also includes nutritional analysis and modifications,whole-food dietary supplementation, personalized exercise programs, a medical weight-loss program if needed, and education regarding your pH balance. Dr. Robert Jones pecializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

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Beyond the Same Old Medicine

At the Utah Wellness Institute, we do things very differently. We search for the cause of your health problems instead of simply masking your symptoms. For once, you’ll get some real answers and finally be on the path to feeling like yourself again.

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Return to Vitality

We believe that every patient can have a beautiful and fulfilling life. There is no reason to continue feeling lousy and living with pain or depression. Thousands of patients have experienced renewed vigor and vitality with our unique healing programs.

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Giving Women (&Men) Hope

Our patient records are overflowing with testimonials of families and marriages that have been saved because the Husband, Wife, or both are feeling good again. We understand your heath problems, but we also understand the emotions and struggles that come with them. We’re here to help.

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Don’t put off Feeling Good

Answers are just one blood test away! Before your first appointment, we’ll run a unique series of blood tests that will give us insight into your health and answer questions that no Doctors have ever asked before. Expect to leave with answers and real direction after your first visit.

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